What to do in Ljubljana? Are you looking for suggestions for programs and activities? Here you can find the top activities in Ljubljana for families, couples and elders!

Hopefully you have already read our article on the most important attractions in Ljubljana and now it is time for you to find out more about what to do in Ljubljana. Here are some of the top activities in the Slovenian capital, so read on and make notes!

top activities in ljubljana
Find out what to do in Ljubljana as you read about the best programs available.

Top activities in Ljubljana

Central Market

The central market in Ljubljana is one of the dearest and most popular activities in Ljubljana. It is located in the heart of Ljubljana, in between the Dragon Bridge and the Triple Bridge.

central market ljubljana
Here you can see where the central market in Ljubljana is located

The market is located very close to the funicular which will take you to the Ljubljana Castle as well, so it is easy to combine these activities on the same day. At the market people not only show, this is also a popular place to meet and to have a chat. After chatting and buying fresh fruits and vegetables they go home and make a nice Slovenian lunch. It is also possible to buy home made stuff, clothes and similar products at the market. The market is closed on Sundays. Every Wednesday is organic market day, meaning only Slovenian produced organic fruits and vegetables can be bought at the market. It normally opens between 6.00 and 7.00 in the morning.

Ljubljana Zoo

If you come with your family then the Zoo in Ljubljana is one of the favorite and best activities in Ljubljana. Here you can walk around in the peaceful green area of the zoo which is located in the Tivoli park. While walking you can watch fantastic and impressive animals such as sea lions, beers and elephants. For more information about the zoo, visit the official Zoo website.

Guided tours and water tours

Would you like to get to know Ljubljana in a better way? Want to know more about the main attractions or maybe discover the hidden gems of the city? Join in on a guided tour. Would you like to experience what Ljubljana looks like from a boat traveling on the channels of the town? Maybe combined with a glass of champagne? For more information about guided tours and channel cruises in Ljubljana, visit one of the following sites:

Visit the Postojna caves and Bled

There are several fantastic natural beauties in Slovenia, but the most important to visit are the Postojna caves and Bled. These are not in Ljubljana so they will require you to travel away for some hours, but it sure is worth it. The Postojna cave is the most popular karst cave in the world, covering a enormous area underground where special animals live and with some fantastic rooms and a place you simply most visit.

Bled is a lake with a castle on the top and a monastery in the middle. Few places look as nice as this one and on a nice summer day you can even take a swim in the lake. You can visit both places on big day trips from Ljubljana or visit them on separate trips.

Lake Bled

The funicular

This is only in part an activity, because after all the funicular is the way to travel if you want to go up and visit the Castle in Ljubljana. In other words you need to buy a ticket to the castle to use the funicular, so for the youngest the funicular itself is probably more interesting than the castle.

The Funicular in Ljubljana

Shopping in Ljubljana

In the heart of Ljubljana you can find most well known stores and brands from other cities in Europe. There are not so many shopping malls in the heart of the city, but you can find the well known stores along the streets of the city. In addition you can find exclusive and very nice looking department stores and the most famous of them all is Galerija Emporium which is located just by the Triple Bridge.

If you want to shop in H&M in Ljubljana you can of course do so, but it will be much cooler if you come home with some new clothes designed by Slovenian designers and bought in one of the designers stores in the heart of Ljubljana. Look around and you will find lots of beauties worth bringing home from Ljubljana.

Christimas market in Ljubljana

Every year before Christmas there is a so called Festive fair, or Christmas market, in Ljubljana. It is normally arranged at two spots, at the Pogačarjev square, at the Prešernov trg and the Kongresni trg. We will write more articles on these Christmas markets in Ljubljana as Christmas approaches. Follow our Ljubljana blog for updates news.

Shopping in Ljubljana
From the Christmas market in Ljubljana – Happy Shopping!

Museums in Ljubljana

If you think visit a museum is a nice activity in Ljubljana, then here are some suggestions for museums to visit while in town.

The National Museum

If you want to get to know the history of Slovenia in a much more thorough way and watch an amazing flute that is supposed to be around 60,000 years old, then of you should go to the National Museum in Ljubljana. It is open daily with a few exceptions and it has some very interesting permanent exhibitions as well. The entrance fee is about 6 Euro for adults.

Address: Muzejska ulica 1 1000 Ljubljana

National Museum Ljubljana

National Gallery

The National Gallery of Slovenia can be found in Ljubljana as well. It is a fantastic place if you want to get more information about the painters and artists in Slovenia. Unfortunately they are not well known outside the Slovenian borders, so if you have no special goal of actually learning a lot about Slovenian art this might be a tough nut, but if you are interested and have some background information, this is a treat!

Address: Prešernova cesta 24 1000 Ljubljana

national Gallery Ljubljana

Ljubljana City Museum

If you want to know more about the city of Ljubljana in detail, then the City Museum of Ljubljana is the place to go. Here you will get to know all you want to know and much more about the history of Ljubljana and the origins of the city. The museum is closed on Mondays, so be aware of that and go visit the Central Market instead.

Address: Gosposka ulica 15 1000 Ljubljana

The best activities in Ljubljana

These were for sure among the best activities in Ljubljana. We hope you have been inspired. If you want to know more about what’s on in Ljubljana, click the link and hopefully you will find information about some interesting program that will be on in town while you are there!