Ljubljana is a beautiful city and it has an amazing atmosphere. Lots of people fall in love with this city at once and that is simply because it has an extraordinary feeling to it. There are some beautiful attractions in Ljubljana as well, but it isn’t those attractions in itself that make this such a magical city.

As you walk in the inner city in Ljubljana it is simply something that makes you fall in love, so there are few cities in Europe as romantic as Ljubljana. There are still some attractions worth checking out while in Ljubljana, and here we will do our best to tell you about the most famous attractions in the Slovenian capital.

Most famous attractions in Ljubljana

The attractions may not be described in order of importance, so read through the entire list to make sure that you do not miss out on any of the highlights in the city.

The Triple Bridge

If we were to say one attraction in Ljubljana that is important to visit and to remember it is the Triple Bridge. This is a fantastic attraction and it can be found in the heart of the pedestrian area in the center of Ljubljana. The bridge has stood at its current spot since 1842 and it is something as interesting as three bridges placed next to one another. Originally the two bridges which were added later were made for pedestrians, but luckily today all three parts of the Triple Bridge in Ljubljana is there for walking and walking only and you should of course walk across all three bridges which together make up the Triple Bridge while discovering the attractions of Ljubljana.

Attractions in Ljubljana
The Triple Bridge in Ljubljana

The Castle

It is fantastic how the city of Ljubljana has a giant hill in the middle of it with a castle on the top. As you walk across the city you will almost at all times see the castle, but why not change it up so that you can be on the top of the castle and watch the entire city from there instead? It is easy to get to the top of the castle, and the easiest way to get there is by using the elevator. A ticket is needed to get into the castle area, but it is well worth the money. Inside the castle you will find both museums, a chapel and a prison, so people interested in history can easily spend a few hours up here.

The price for entrance to the Castle is 7,50 Euro and if you want to use the funicular to get up and down the total price is 10 Euro.

Ljubljana attractions

Town Hall

In a city like Rome the town hall of Ljubljana would seem like nothing special, but in Ljubljana this is still one of the most important attractions. It was raised in the 16th century, but received its current form and look between 1717 and 1719. It is located on the “other site” of the river, meaning that it is perfect to take a look at the Town Hall as you go visit the Castle which is located above the Town Hall.

Town Hall

Dragon Bridge

Some people say that if you have not been taken a picture of next to one of the dragons on the Dragon Bridge, then you can not really say that you have been to Ljubljana. The Dragon Bridge was erected in 1900-1901 at the place of a former wooden bridge. It is located in the center of Ljubljana not far from the Triple Bridge and it is a very nice walk to walk across it, so you have no excuse for missing out on the Dragon Bridge, one of the most popular bridges in Ljubljana.

Dragon Bridge Ljubljana

Tivoli Park

The Tivoli Park in Ljubljana might not be considered a big attraction, but it still is. This is a fantastic big park area with areas for running, for relaxing and for playing. If you come with children they will for sure enjoy the playing grounds and if you have time you can also visit the Ljubljana Zoo which is located in the Tivoli Park. Do not think of this as an area similar to the Tivoli in Copenhagen, because this is not a big amusement park, but a normal park area with lots of beautiful nature and peaceful areas you do not want to miss out on. There is also a botanical garden in the park.

The park was designed in 1813 and it is the biggest park in all of Slovenia.

Tivoli Park

Most important attractions in Ljubljana

We believe these are the most important attractions in Ljubljana. There are of course lots of other buildings and places to see, but if you have seen these and taken a picture at these locations you should be able to travel home and say that you have seen and experienced Ljubljana. But, there are also quite some activities that you should try while in Ljubljana, so read more about those Ljubljana activities right here.

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