Transportation in LjubljanaWant to know more about transportation in Ljubljana? How much does it cost? How to use taxis in Ljubljana? How to get from the airport to Ljubljana?

Before arriving to Ljubljana you might want to prepare yourself for what you will meet in a few days, weeks or months from now. We can start right away giving you some very good news. Ljubljana is a very nice and quite small city, meaning that for those who are not afraid to walk a little, public transportation is not needed at all. There is little to no distance between the main attractions in Ljubljana, and it is quite easy to book central apartments and hotels in Ljubljana, so you can reach everything on foot.

But, you might need a transfer from the airport to Ljubljana center and what if you would want to travel by bus once? Here are answers to frequently asked transportation questions and useful general information about transportation in Ljubljana.

Transportation in Ljubljana

Public transportation in Ljubljana

If you want to use public transportation in Ljubljana, then bus is the vehicle you will travel on. The buses travel from around 5.00 in the morning until 22.30 in the evenings and the price for a ticket is 1,20Euro. This is valid for 90 minutes, meaning that you can easily change between bus lines with one ticket. Notice that you can not buy tickets on the buses, but you will need to buy an “Urbana” card which cost you 2 Euro and this you can then fill up with value from 1 Euro to 50 Euro. The Urbana card can be bought from newsstands, kiosks, tourist information and the LPP office.

Going with bike in Ljubljana

It is possible to rent bikes in Ljubljana and this is in fact a quite biker friendly city, so if you have some time and want to discover the city using a bicycle, that might be a good idea. But, if your plan is only to stay around in the old town, in the city center, then a bike is not really needed!

Traveling with taxi in Ljubljana

In Ljubljana you will find quite a lot of taxis outside the airport, the train station and in busy tourist areas. The cheapest if you want to travel with taxi is to call ahead and order a taxi to your location. Two famous and good taxi companies are Taxi Drustovo and Intertours taxi.

Ljubljana Airport Transfer

The cheapest way to get from the Ljubljana Airport known as Joze PucnikAirport is to travel with bus 28 which leaves from the airport every 25th minute. The price of the ticket is 4 Euro and it can be bought directly from the driver. The travel time for the bus is about 45 minutes. The bus will take you to the central railway station/bus station.

If you want to travel with taxi for the airport to downtown Ljubljana the price is normally around 35 Euro. You can also prebook your airport transfer in Ljubljana from Viator.