Restaurants in LjubljanaLjubljana has lots of restaurants so you will for sure not starve while in town. Here you can read about restaurants in Ljubljana worth visiting while in Slovenia.

The cuisine of Slovenia is quite similar to that of for example Croatia. Since Slovenia is a nation with seaside there are quite a lot of courses with seafood in them, but when you come to Ljubljana which is a few hours from the seaside you might end up eating more traditional inland food as well.

Here we will list up some of the best restaurants in Ljubljana and if you want to visit one of them, do not forget to return back here and write a comment afterwards to tell us whether the restaurant was a success for you or not.

Restaurants in Ljubljana

Julija – 9 Stari Trg, Ljubljana 1000

This is a quite central restaurant located a few minutes away from the Triple Bridge on foot. It has typical European and Italian food at its menu. It can be considered fairly expensive compared to average restaurants in Ljubljana, but since the quality is higher than elsewhere, the prices go up as well. Among the specialties of the house you can find octopus.

Spajza – 28 Gornji, Ljubljana 1000

Spajza is a place for local food. If you want to taste the local Slovenian cuisine, this is the place. Be aware of the fact that Spajza is located a couple of minutes away from Julija, but in the wrong direction, meaning that it is a bit of a walk to get here from the city center.

Marley and Me – Stari trg 9, Ljubljana 1000

This is a great place for a mixture of Italian, Seafood and local food. It has the same name as one of the most boring films in the world, but luckily the restaurant is far better and a better experience than the film with the same name. The price are quite average, meaning a main course cost between 8 and 20 Euro.

Pops Place – Cankarjevo Nabrezje 3, Ljubljana 1000

Don’t want to eat local food, but just grab a juicy hamburger? Pops Place is the number one place in Ljubljana for typical American food. This is an American Burger Bar, so not a fine dining experience, but a perfect place if you want to grab some real American food.

Restaurants in Ljubljana

These were some restaurants in Ljubljana. Please write a comment to share your experience if you have been to any of them, or write a comment to recommend some other restaurant in Ljubljana to our readers.



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