Jean Michel Jarre concert in Ljubljana

Jean Michel Jarre in LjubljanaJust before the Christmas rush sets in you are welcome to relax and enjoy a Jean Michel Jarre concert in Ljubljana. This fantastic musician with his special effects will come to Stocize Arena in Ljubljana to perform on November 15th, and the concert itself will start around 20.00.

Jean Michel Jarre is a very well known musician all around the world. He might have seen brighter days when it comes to popularity, but he still has fans all around the world, making sure that he fills up venues when he travels to perform in all the nations of the world.

We are really happy about the fact that Jean Michel Jarre will come to Ljubljana in 2016 and on November 15th you can as we wrote see and hear him in the Stocize Arena. If you want to be there yourself then you can buy tickets for the event from Viagogo.

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