Depeche Mode concert in Ljubljana on May 14th 2017

Ljubljana is a fantastic city, but it is not often that the biggest and most popular bands come to the city. That is why the joy is enormous as Depeche Mode will come to Ljubljana on May 14th in 2017 to perform.

As you look at the different cities Depeche Mode will visit during their concert tour one can quickly understand that they will visit quite a lot of cities not so typically visited. A few days after their concert in Ljubljana the band will travel to Malakassa in Greece and after that their road goes to Bratislava in Slovakia. Neither city is known for their extreme musical life, but there is little doubt about the fact that the venues will be packed with people in all these cities as Depeche Mode comes to visit.

On May 14th you can expect nice spring weather in Ljubljana and if you are lucky you can walk around in shorts and a t-shirt outside. But  at 19.00 when the Depeche Mode concert starts in Ljubljana you should probably wear some more clothes. It will for sure not be cold among the love of all the Depeche Mode fans in place, but still you can at least expect colder temperatures as you leave the Stozice Arena once the concert is finished.

As you might already know the Stozice Arena is a fantastic concert venue in Ljubljana. They started its construction in 2009 and since then it has given home to lots of basketball matches, volleyball matches and of course concerts. The max capacity of the venue is a little bit less than 15,000 people, so that is what you can expect if you decide to be there at the Depeche Mode concert in Ljubljana on May 14th in 2017.

Ivica Drusany /

Depeche Mode concert in Ljubljana 2017

Venue: Stozice Arena
Date: May 14th, 19.00

Tickets:  Viagogo

At the ticket site above you can buy tickets not only for the Depeche Mode concert in Ljubljana. You can get tickets for all their other concerts in 2017, so if you are eager to enjoy Depeche Mode live more than once, this is your chance.

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