Will Netflix work as I visit Ljubljana?

Ljubljana is an amazing city, but after a long day visiting all parts of the city and discovering the interesting attractions the town has to offer, you might feel like watching something on Netflix before you go to bed. But, will Netflix work as you come to Ljubljana and Slovenia?

First of all, Netflix is available in Slovenia and in Ljubljana. And you do not need a new subscription to Netflix as you come to Slovenia, you can use your existing Netflix subscription and start streaming without any trouble or difficulties.

You might discover that what you see on Netflix during your stay in Slovenia is different from what you see on Netflix in your own country. That is due to copyright regulations, meaning that Netflix cannot stream the same content in all regions. As a result, they have the right to show one movie on Netflix in Slovenia, but they have not received the license to show the same movie on Netflix in Germany. Therefore, you will quickly discover that there are differences when it comes to content as you visit Slovenia. But, that might just as well be interesting, as you get the chance to see new content on Netflix that you cannot stream in your home region.

Do not forget about your security!

You wouldn’t walk with your wallet hanging out of your pocket as you walk the streets of Ljubljana. You might, but it will greatly increase the risk of someone trying to steal your money. In the same way, you wouldn’t leave your laptop out on a table and leave it there throughout the day… and you wouldn’t surf using open WiFi networks without encryption, as it can make it really easy for hackers to get access to your private information.

For this reason, lots of people use VPN subscriptions in order to keep them safe while using the open WiFi networks available in their hotel, in their apartments, or at the restaurant they are currently sitting in during their stay in Ljubljana. This is great, and we do support the usage of VPN services to stay safe online.

But, if you try to watch Netflix while using a VPN in Slovenia, you are very likely to see an error message looking something like this (here we have used the VPN services of ExpressVPN and connecting to their server in Slovenia):

Error code if you try to watch Netflix in Slovenia using a VPN
Error code if you try to watch Netflix in Slovenia using a VPN

As you can see at the picture above, we got an error message titled M7111-5059. This is a message telling you that you cannot stream Netflix because you are using a VPN. What does this mean? Do you have to compromise your online security in order to watch Netflix during your stay in Ljubljana? In a way, it does – but, there are ways in which you can get access to Netflix while using a VPN, you just have to choose the right VPN provider. For information on one VPN provider that will help you stay safe online and unblock Netflix at the same time, check this article.

What if I find some content on Netflix in Slovenia that I want to watch at home?

Now, that is a brilliant question, and we have got to admit that we have no clue about such a service. If you want to use a VPN that will let you watch Netflix in Slovenia, you will have to connect to a server in some other nation that will give you access to that nations Netflix (and not Slovenian Netflix).

This is therefore a two-sided story. You can not get access to Slovenian Netflix outside Slovenia (using a VPN), and you can not watch Slovenian Netflix in Slovenia using a VPN. That is a pity for those who need to use a VPN because they have to stay safe online, because they are forced to watch some other Netflix region instead of their own home region.

But, again – why watch Netflix in Ljubljana?

If you have spent both time and money at getting to Ljubljana, why spend much time in front of the monitor watching Netflix? You should be out there tasting the local cuisine three times a day, visiting all the attractions and museums the city has to offer, you can jump on the train and visit other interesting cities and places in Slovenia, and you should visit the local markets to taste and buy local groceries, vegetables, and fruits.

And do not forget that the beautiful city of Zagreb is only 90 minutes from Ljubljana with a car, so you can easily do a day-trip to Zagreb and discover that city as well. So, why binge-watch on Netflix in Slovenia, when you can discover the world instead? You will have plenty of time to stream Netflix content once you are safe at home again!

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