Zucchero concert in Ljubljana

ZuccheroThe Italian signer Zucchero will come to Ljubljana in October. To be there at the Zucchero concert in Ljubljana read on and get Zucchero tickets today.

Most of us know him as Zucchero, but his real name is Adelmo Fornaciari. On October 10th he will perform in Arena Stozice in Ljubljana, and if you want to be there and listen to him then you can buy tickets from WorldTicketShop.

This is one out of many concerts with Zucchero in 2016 and he will also perform in London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and lots of other European cities. For more information about concerts in Ljubljana, click the link!

If you want to listen to Zucchero in Brussels instead, why not visit our Brussels Guide for more information about what the Belgian capital has to show you of attractions and activities.

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