Christmas market in Ljubljana 2017

Are you planning a trip to Ljubljana before Christmas to experience the cities beautiful Christmas markets? This year the Christmas markets will be open from December 1st, 2017, until January 2nd, 2018.

Ljubljana is still living in the shadows of the Christmas markets in Zagreb, Vienna, and Budapest, but it is getting and better for every year passing by. It is also getting more and more popular to do so called Christmas market trips to new cities before Christmas, meaning that the importance of quality markets is getting bigger and bigger.

Christmas market in Ljubljana 2017
Enjoy the wonderful Christmas atmosphere in Ljubljana – By Matej Kastelic / Shutterstock

The Christmas markets in Ljubljana are mostly organized in the very heart of the town, so if you walk around in the center, you will for sure discover everything within a couple of minutes.

At the Christmas markets, you can buy hot drinks, cold drinks, lots of warm and cold food, and of course buy hand-made souvenirs. Do not forget to check out the Christmas markets by night, as they are beautiful when the lights are turned on in the evening.

Ljubljana Christmas markets 2017

December 1st, 2017 – January 2nd, 2018
Breg and Cankarjevo nabrežje embankments, Prešernov  square

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Come to Ljubljana when you visit Zagreb

Just recently Lonely Planet awarded Zagreb at the top of their list presenting cities to visit in Europe in 2017. We just recommend you to come visit Ljubljana on a day-trip during your stay in Zagreb!

Zagreb and Ljubljana are both European capitals that have lived in the shadow of more famous cities such as Budapest, Vienna and Prague. But, the win is blowing in another direction now, and that can be proved by the latest recommendation made by Lonely Planet as they recommend Zagreb as the number one place to visit in Europe in 2017.

Visit the city of LJubljana
Do you understand why you need to visit Ljubljana now?

We must say that Ljubljana is just as nice as Zagreb (and probably even nicer), but if you decide to follow the recommendation made by Lonely Planet, then we suggest that you at least book a hotel for an extra day so that you will have time to visit Ljubljana as well.

The Slovenian capital is only 1,5 hours from Zagreb, so it is easy to depart from Zagreb in the morning and upon arrival to Ljubljana you enjoy a delicious Slovenian lunch. After that you discover the beauties of the city, visit the castle, eat some ice cream and then have an early supper before departing for Zagreb again. It will be a beautiful day to remember for a long time, and maybe you decide afterwards that you need more time in Ljubljana, and thus your next travel will be to the Slovenian capital, for 2-3-4 days (at least).

If you want to know more about Zagreb, then you can find lots of information about the city in the Zagreb Guide.

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Christmas and New Years Eve in Ljubljana

Are you coming to Ljubljana for Christmas or for New Years? Wonder what’s going on in Ljubljana in this period? Here are some of the highlights!

As you might know this is a fantastic time to travel and an awesome season to visit Ljubljana. In the weeks before Christmas visitors can enjoy the magnificent Christmas markets in Ljubljana and stand in awe at the beautiful lights the city has to show. But, are there any special programs worth checking out if you come to Ljubljana on December 24th or maybe on December 31st? Or in  between the two dates?

Anze Mulec /

Programs in Ljubljana around Christmas and New Years Eve

Programs on December 24th

On December 24th there is a fantastic open-air concert with great musicians in Ljubljana. Could there be a better way to celebrate Christmas than outdoors with lots of other people? In 2016 this event will be arranged at Mestni trg square and the concert itself will start at 17.00.

Programs between Christmas and New Years in Ljubljana

The coolest event in this period will be arranged between December 26th and December 30th. This is called the Grandpa Frost procession. This guy is quite similar to Santa Claus and he is drawn in his carriage by real Lippizianer horses. He is also surrounded by other fairy tale creatures, making this a real heaven for kids and families. The carriage will visit areas such as Breg, Cobblers’ Bridge, Town Square, Stritarjeva Street, Prešeren Square and the Congress Square. On the days between December 26th and December 30th this procession will start at 17.00.

New Years Eve in Ljubljana

There will be some open-air programs in Ljubljana on New Years Eve as well. The most important square to visit is Kongresni trg square where there will be programs on stage from 16.00 on the last day of the year. From 21.00 there will also be programs at Trg francoske revolucije and at Mestni trg square. As the new year starts there will be fireworks sent up from these squares, so make sure to be outdoors so that you can enjoy the start of 2017 on one of these squares in Ljubljana!

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We wish all our readers and visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Christmas markets in Ljubljana in 2016

Ljubljana is a magnificent city all year around, but especially around Christmas with the beautiful lights and the annual Christmas markets.

There will be Christmas markets in Ljubljana in 2016 as well. There is no need to worry. Ljubljana is an extravagant city all year around, but of course the Christmas markets make the city even more magnificent.

There are several Christmas markets in Ljubljana, and a very important day in the calendar this year is November 25th. This is the opening date for the Christmas markets in Ljubljana, and exactly at 17.15 the Christmas lights will be turned on at the Christmas market and the Christmas streets all around in Ljubljana. This is a fantastic event, so make sure to be outdoors to check it out on November 25th!

Come to Ljubljana for the Christmas markets in 2016

The open air Christmas markets in Ljubljana will open on November 25th and they will remain open and available until January 1st, 2017. As a result you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere and joy of some Christmas market shopping, even if you arrive to Ljubljana between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

It should be mentioned that there will be a small Christmas fair at the Prešernov trg square between December 3rd and December 6th. If you are in Ljubljana during this period, make sure to check it out!

Christmas markets in Ljubljana in 2016

Dates: November 25th, 2016 – January 1st, 2017

Location: Center of Ljubljana and Prešernov trg square

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Our Ljubljana Guide is now finished

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