Come to Ljubljana when you visit Zagreb

Just recently Lonely Planet awarded Zagreb at the top of their list presenting cities to visit in Europe in 2017. We just recommend you to come visit Ljubljana on a day-trip during your stay in Zagreb!

Zagreb and Ljubljana are both European capitals that have lived in the shadow of more famous cities such as Budapest, Vienna and Prague. But, the win is blowing in another direction now, and that can be proved by the latest recommendation made by Lonely Planet as they recommend Zagreb as the number one place to visit in Europe in 2017.

Visit the city of LJubljana
Do you understand why you need to visit Ljubljana now?

We must say that Ljubljana is just as nice as Zagreb (and probably even nicer), but if you decide to follow the recommendation made by Lonely Planet, then we suggest that you at least book a hotel for an extra day so that you will have time to visit Ljubljana as well.

The Slovenian capital is only 1,5 hours from Zagreb, so it is easy to depart from Zagreb in the morning and upon arrival to Ljubljana you enjoy a delicious Slovenian lunch. After that you discover the beauties of the city, visit the castle, eat some ice cream and then have an early supper before departing for Zagreb again. It will be a beautiful day to remember for a long time, and maybe you decide afterwards that you need more time in Ljubljana, and thus your next travel will be to the Slovenian capital, for 2-3-4 days (at least).

If you want to know more about Zagreb, then you can find lots of information about the city in the Zagreb Guide.

Have you got a question about Ljubljana? Look around in our Ljubljana Guide, or use the comment field beneath!

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